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The Sweet Spot in Time

Why the Ocean Matters to Everyone, Everywhere
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Blacktip Reef Sharks Cruise Fiji Reef

As its name suggests, the blacktip reef shark has brilliant black fin tips and is... click to read more.
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Huge Colony of Elusive Flame Shells Discovered off Scotland

A huge colony of an elusive and brightly colored shellfish species has been discovered in coastal waters in the west of Scotland.
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Spineless: Portraits of Marine Invertebrates by Susan Middleton

Middleton’s Spineless series effectively tells the story of these spineless creatures that dominate most marine habitats and make up the backbone of life on earth
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Marine Turtle Life Cycle

All species of marine turtles have the same general life cycle. They grow slowly and take decades to reach sexual maturity.
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These DSVs Reveal the Flora and Fauna of Hawaii’s Seas—Also Japanese Subs

The world's oceans cover two-thirds of our planet but we've only explored about ten percent of its depths.
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An Innovative Approach to Saving the Global Oceans Revealed in New Report

As little as US$5 billion in public funds could catalyse action and financial flows to reverse ocean degradation, UNDP-GEF report says
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Software Architect Turned Photographer Alexander Safonov Captures Breathtaking Underwater Scenes off the Coast of South Africa

Incredible underwater photos from software architect turned photographer, Alexander Safonov.
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Saving the Wonders of the Sea of Cortez

What can one small fishing village do to preserve Mexico’s vast underwater riches?
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Photo of the Day: Bigeye travellies

This photo documents bigeye trevally (Caranx sexfasciatum) displaying extraordinary behaviors during their reproduction season in Cabo Pulmo.
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