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Swimming with Giants

Weighing in close to 45,000 pounds and nearing 40 feet in length, the whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is the world’s largest living fish species. These enormous filter feeders grow to be so large on a diet of tiny plankton – microscopic plants and animals that float in the water column. Slowly moving through the water like living submarines, whale sharks gulp down vast quantities of these tiny critters and congregate in areas of high plankton concentrations. It’s this quest for food that brings whale sharks to the coast of Isla Mujeres, Mexico each summer. These gentle giants gather by the dozens or even hundreds from June through September, slurping down fish eggs and enchanting tourists. Photo © Amanda Cotton Ecotourism groups like A Cotton Photo lead trips out to snorkel alongside whale sharks, enabling seasoned divers and ocean newbies alike to experience the grace and enormity of these beautiful creatures.…
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Former Maldives President Remains Political Prisoner

By Brett Garling. Originally published on The Inertia on May 14, 2015. Mohamed Nasheed, the first democratically elected president of the Maldives, is an international champion of climate change action. Unfortunately, he is also a political prisoner, having been found guilty in a sham terrorism trial, and is set to serve a 13 year prison sentence. He is 47 right now and will be 60 when he gets out. Not only were the charges bogus, but the trial was essentially stillborn: the court scheduled a hearing within two hours of his arrest and prevented the defense team from appearing in court because they were required to register two days in advance… a classic catch-22. Tourism is integral to the Maldives. Indeed, it is the island nation’s largest industry and attracts many water sport lovers and especially surfers who laud the atoll as one of the global prime destinations to catch serious waves.…
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Regrowing Forests of the Tide Myanmar

  Worldview International Foundation (WIF) became a partner with Mission Blue in 2015 for cooperation in establishing effective mangrove mitigation projects to combat Climate Change and to support vulnerable coastal communities with long term sustainable development. Our partnership in Myanmar with leading coastal universities, Ministry of Environmental Conservation and coastal communities, has opened large potentials in promoting adaptation to climate change. Requested by the Ministry we have undertaken a new restoration project on 7700 acres, including a request by Myeik University to support developing a new mangrove park at 3000 acres. There is also an ongoing process for REDD+ initiative on 100,000 acres in protecting standing mangrove forests. It all started with a 3 years research project in 2012, followed by establishing Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in 2015.…
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Dive Deep into the Blue Mind Summit May 11th in DC

Mission Blue had the pleasure of catching up with Dr. Wallace J Nichols, water scientist, conservationist, best-selling author and leader of the Blue Mind movement. With the 5th annual Blue Mind Summit coming up this month in Washington DC and the release of his best-selling book, Blue Mind, in paperback, we had a lot to discuss. Read on to learn more about Nichols’ remarkable Blue Mind movement and the growing understanding of how water helps us in more ways than you might imagine. So tell us more about the Blue Mind Summit. What’s happening this year? This year it’s in Washington DC and the theme is “Urban Blue”. Most people in the world live in big coastal towns or cities and thus interact, or have the great opportunity to interact, with the urban blue.…
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