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Our Mission

“Mission Blue inspires action to explore and protect the ocean.”

The Kermadec Trench Hope Spot is the 5th deepest oceanic trench. It's about five times deeper than the Grand Canyon… https://t.co/ETMrB3M4W6
Speak up while there's still time to #SaveOurSanctuaries! Comment period ends July 26 https://t.co/NoEsphgDMs https://t.co/wlY8cP70yd
Big Brother: Gray Seal Edition! https://t.co/MLhpyvHlok #Conservation #Research Photo: K. Murray, @NOAA https://t.co/CXwFVTdfEf
"Look in the mirror, consider your talents, and think about how you might use them to make a difference."… https://t.co/fNfL58Ezu2
Protection for #HighSeas #HopeSpots, like the Sargasso Sea, could be possible with United Nations treaty #PrepCom4 https://t.co/RiyffOmQd5
RT @TEDPrize: Ocean conservationist & TED Prize winner @SylviaEarle offers insights and life advice in @MensJournal: https://t.co/LZ2IL72ig…
@SailorsForTheSea "unites boaters to protect the ocean" with programs like the Green Boating Guide!… https://t.co/NoiJiqZ6WL
Even babies can have the blues - Mission Blues that is! https://t.co/meGv0HONhY #MissionBlue #HopeSpots https://t.co/fHyOhSq1NA
Like tree rings, #coral layers keep a historical record of environmental conditions, including #pollution levels.… https://t.co/2qW25Koi41

Hope Spots

Hope Spots are special places that are critical to the health of the ocean — Earth’s blue heart. Some Hope Spots are already formally protected, while others still need defined protection. Under Dr. Earle’s leadership, the Mission Blue team has embarked on a series of expeditions to shed light on these vital ecosystems and ignite support to safeguard them as marine protected areas.


"With knowing comes caring." - Dr. Sylvia Earle