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Letter to FedEx: Stop Shipping Shark Fins!

To:  Fred Smith, CEO, FedEx <FWSmith@fedex.com> CC: Carmine Echols, Assistant to the CEO <executiveservices@fedex.com> CC: Melissa Charbonneau, Director of Communications, FedEx <melissa.charbonneau@fedex.com> CC: David Cunningham, President, FedEx Asia Pacific <DLCUNNINGHAM@fedex.com> 3875 Airways, Module H3 Department 4634 Memphis, TN38116 Dear Mr. Smith, We are writing to inform you that we can no longer patronize FedEx, as […]

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The Cayman Islands: A Haven for Sharks & Rays

George Town Harbour, Grand Cayman is one of Mission Blue’s 14 new Hope Spots! By: Laura Butz The Cayman Islands has built its name and reputation primarily on being a renowned diving destination.  Pioneers in our local diving community over the last few decades contributed to building our diving industry into the premier operation that […]

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The Marvels of the Underwater World in South Africa

Mission Blue is proud to partner with Geo Cloete! By: Geo Cloete, Artist The ocean already beckoned me to spend my life with it long before I saw it for the first time. I was born miles away from the nearest coast. Yet deep in inside me, I knew that my life’s calling was linked […]

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A Hope For The Sea Around Cyprus

Mission Blue is proud to partner with SeaCyprus! By: Andreas Christofi There are several problems impinging on the marine environment of Cyprus. Some of which truly destroy the marine life of the island. The major challenges the island deals with are the unregulated fishing activities, lack of awareness and near zero monitoring of the crucial […]

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Now more than ever we need you on board with Mission Blue!

        This post is re-blogged from our newsletter. You can find the original here. Under the leadership of Dr. Sylvia Earle, 2016 has been a banner year for ocean conservation and Hope Spots. Mission Blue inspired half a billion people this year to better understand and care about the big blue. We completed […]

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Pressure Mounts to Save the Cayman Islands Hope Spot

By: Shilpi Chhotray, Mission Blue Communications Strategist  For the residents of George Town Harbour, observing mammoth cruise ships pass through their glimmering turquoise backyard is not uncommon. From 2000, the small island nation of Grand Cayman has received an influx of tourists from the cruise industry, with a around one million visitors entering the island yearly. By 2015, […]

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Save Cayman and Mission Blue Announce New Partnership

Save Cayman Press Release On the heels of Sylvia Earle’s visit to the Cayman Islands on November 12th, 2016, local environmental NGO Save Cayman and Mission Blue have announced their new partnership.  Save Cayman administrators say that they are pleased to be working with the global organization that advocates for protected marine spaces worldwide. Recently, it […]

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Hear That?! Ocean Allison Podcast Highlights Ocean Changemakers

Mission Blue is proud to partner with Ocean Allison! By: Allison Randolph There are currently more than seven billion individuals on this planet – this blue planet that we all call home. Inextricably connected to planet health is ocean health, and while human beings are at the root of most pressures facing our watery planet, […]

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Stress, Starvation and Survival

Coral reefs around the world are dying off due to climate-related changes. How can we ensure these “rainforests of the sea” survive? By: Dianna Bell, Earthwatch Institute Underwater Ghost Towns White ghosts rising from the sea floor. Snow-covered skeletons. Faded rainforests under the sea. Once vibrant and thriving coral reefs are suffering, and dying off […]

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Fate of Small Species Has Huge Implications for Our Ocean

The Pacific Fishery Management Council should use science to set catch limits on anchovy.   By: Dr. Sylvia Earle When most of us think of the ocean, we think big: It covers 71 percent of our planet, dictates our weather, and is home to the tallest mountain and deepest canyon on the planet, as well […]

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